Nature Drawings of a High Schooler

Berol Prismacolor was my favorite medium, for the total avoidance of having to clean up anything, I suppose.  I took notes on scenery and wildlife during the madcap summer I spent with friends working on a ranch at Lovelock, Nevada:

I constantly drew birds, including ones at the Birmingham Zoo aviary.  These pencil sketches show the strange discolorations that now accompany many drawings I did 35 years ago.  Young artists beware of the effects of markers with their solvents even touching another sheet.

I see that I took notes on art books, trying to teach myself how to paint.  I have continued this habit ever since and have assembled notes taken from at least 1,000 books, surely.  Sketching is part of the note-taking process, which I highly recommend to my students.

My Prismacolor birds seem fresh and lively and the colors have not faded at all, having never been exposed to light.  But at the time I was proudest of the pen-and-ink drawings, at bottom, which show the influence of the book "Rendering in Pen and Ink," which led me to hardness of line.  A meeting with the legendary bird artist Roger Tory Peterson shocked me out of this habit, when he looked at my drawings and said I ought to use a brush.